About the Foundation

Driven by a strong commitment to the agricultural roots of northwest Ohio, a group of area farmers, agribusiness representatives, researchers and educators began development of an agricultural facility that would incorporate teaching and research as well as crop production and processing. In the winter of 1999, it was decided that a nonprofit foundation should be formally established - namely the Agricultural Incubator Foundation.

The mission of the Agricultural Incubator Foundation (AIF) is to develop a partnership of northwest Ohio agribusiness representatives, researchers and educators committed to establishing programs that will stimulate interest in and respect for agriculture as a mainstay in the area economy.

The AIF promotes the development, advancement and appreciation of agricultural systems in northwest Ohio that are economically, ecologically and socially sustainable. The Foundation includes 140 acres of land and multiple greenhouses as well as meeting areas and business development services. Additional details on these aspects can be found in the Resources section.

We request that visits and tours be prearranged.